[tei-council] feasibly valid (again)

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Fri Feb 4 04:40:03 EST 2011

Those of you who wondered about the details of this may like to examine
the log of latest run of building TEI P5 at
which now lists 21 errors in examples.

Now consider http://bits.nsms.ox.ac.uk:8080/jenkins/job/TEIP5/97/artifact/Guidelines-web/en/html/DS.html
where the first example is plainly not valid, but is not listed above.

If you look at the source, you'll see it has <egXML valid="feasible" for the example

What happens is:
    1) all the examples are checked for feasible validity
    2) those examples which are NOT flagged as feasible are extracted for
        a full validity check
    3) feasible examples are given an extra CSS class, which puts a yellow
        border around them
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