[tei-council] validation of examples

James Cummings james.cummings at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Sun Jan 30 07:16:33 EST 2011

If that is the definition of feasibly valid, then what couldn't be? Is this like "conformable" again?


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On 30/01/11 12:04, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> this seems parallel to the incomplete skeleton structures, which we can deal with by adding
> @valid="feasible|full" to<egXML>. The diary example  is feasibly valid, I think.

Hmm, rather depends on what you mean by "parallel"... if you mean
"similarly generates a warning", then yes, but ontologically I think
these cases are completely different. The incomplete skeletal examples,
I continue to think, are not examples but schemata; there's no way they
can be made valid without completing them. This one is (if you like)
"feasibly" valid because an appropriately configured validator would
recognise it as valid as it stands, though our validator doesn't.

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