[tei-council] Farewell!

James Cummings James.Cummings at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Fri Jan 28 03:55:40 EST 2011

On 27/01/11 18:28, O'Donnell, Dan wrote:
> He's been active on the list already, I thought. That was why I thought
> you guys already knew. Anyway. Now you do.

And more to the point, since tei-council is a public list, this 
means you've announced it publicly so might as well do so on TEI-L.

Welcome Martin.  I'd noticed him contribute but to be honest 
wasn't quite sure why he was on the list.  I think this is 
symptomatic of a lot of the decisions that happen at the board 
level.  The Council often does not hear about them, or know about 
changes in policy, until they are announced on TEI-L. (If, 
indeed, they are.)  I would welcome greater reporting from the 
Board to the Council and transparency in Board activities. e.g. A 
lot more public minutes of Board meetings would certainly help, 
announced on TEI-L when they are made available. I recognise the 
Board has to have some confidentiality (e.g. in financial matters 
or ad hominem discussions) but think that we could be a lot more 
transparent generally, and that this would be a good thing in 
terms of community building and publicity.


Dr James Cummings, Research Technologies Service
OUCS, University of Oxford

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