[tei-council] TEI P5 1.9.0

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Wed Jan 26 08:59:21 EST 2011

On 26 Jan 2011, at 13:55, Laurent Romary wrote:
> No. Making it a working day. We have too much belated things. We'll  
> lock ourselves from Monday morning to Wednesday afternoon.
oh joy

> I don't know if the last one is necessary, but we have users for  
> Debian haven't we?

sure. but we have many more users who are *not* Debian

> Could you expand on the point Roma-rewrite vs. Roma-eXist?
Roma needs to read the TEI source all the time to present you
with lists of elements in modules and so on. Currently it sends an
XQuery to a eXist database to do that. I'd rather it was all in
browser memory in Javascript, so no server dependency.

>> I think it would be very defensible to say that Debian packages are  
>> something
>> someone else does as a favour to their community, not an essential  
>> deliverable
>> from TEIC
> Unless it is truly automatable. Is it?

I really don't know


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