[tei-council] Hyphenation discussion

Lou Burnard lou.burnard at retired.ox.ac.uk
Sun Jan 23 11:14:19 EST 2011

On 23/01/11 16:11, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> I'd like to say e) - add @breaking, remove @type - but it's gratuitously
> non backwards-compatible, so I reluctantly vote b) - make the list tighter and remove redundancy from it (i.e.
> either inWord or noBreak but not both)
> if everyone else votes for c)  - leave @type alone, but add a new explicit @breaking attribute with three possible values -
> I shall be sad but shall live with it.
Sebastian being sad is one of the things we all have to live with... but 
joking apart, may I remind Council that we only recently introduced 
@type, motivated by a desire to solve precisely the non-breaking 
hyphenation problem? So the compatibility issue is not a long standing 
one -- it's not like e.g. taking away @ed and saying you have to use 
@type for that as well.

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