[tei-council] Hyphenation discussion

Lou Burnard lou.burnard at retired.ox.ac.uk
Sun Jan 23 11:04:30 EST 2011

I suppose it's a hopeless task to get closure on hyphenation (ha ha), 
but let's try anyway.

Apart from adding the explanatory text which I circulated previously, 
modulo the changes already proposed, I think the options are as follows:

a) add to 3.2 the text circulated previously , and add some more 
suggested values to the @type attribute, but make it (even more) 
explicit that these are just suggestions for how you might use that 

b) ditto, but make the list tighter and remove redundancy from it (i.e. 
either inWord or noBreak but not both)

c) leave @type alone, but add a new explicit @breaking attribute with 
three possible values

d) leave @type alone, add new @breaking attribute, add a comment that 
you shouldn't use @type to do the job of @breaking (or indeed of @ed)

e) add @breaking, remove @type

Can we have a quick show of hands from ALL council members on which of 
these options they would most/least like to live with?


I persist in thinking that the @cert issue is different -- if we apply 
@cert to an <lb/> we are saying something about how certain we are that 
there is a line (or whatever) beginning here. I find it hard to imagine 
a case in which this is meaningful -- we're not talking about whether or 
not the line of our transcription always began here (if we think it 
didn't, we'd put in a <gap/> which could then have @cert)  but whether 
it does in the document/object we're transcribing. But, as I say, in any 
case it's a different question, so please don't comment on that in 
response to this messsage!

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