[tei-council] access to current builds of TEI P5

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Wed Jan 19 04:48:15 EST 2011

On 19 Jan 2011, at 09:45, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:

> Following on from that, those testing ODDs may like to consider specifying
> http://tei.oucs.ox.ac.uk/hudson/job/TEIP5/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/release/tei-p5-source/share/xml/tei/odd/p5subset.xml
> as the source of the TEI.

and why "subset", you ask?

because to build a schema or docs, you don't need the whole baggage of the prose chapters
of the guidelines, just the reference docs. You also don't want to follow entity references and so on.

p5subset.xml is a single file containing just the *Spec components.
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