[tei-council] Hyphenation discussion

Gabriel Bodard gabriel.bodard at kcl.ac.uk
Mon Jan 17 06:47:32 EST 2011

On the whole I'm agnostic about the values used in this case, so long as 
they're unambiguous (which they seem to be).

Wearing my EpiDoc hat, I am concerned that we (EpiDoc) follow as closely 
as possible the canonical TEI recommendation, which is precisely why we 
recently changed our recommended usage from "worddiv" to Lou's preferred 
"inWord". It's a little saddening to see this now being preserved only 
for backward compatibility with "existing recommendations". :-(

But if "noBreak" and "mayBreak" are more clear, and mirror nicely, then 
so be it (and, with Sebastian, I would sooner have one recommendation 
than two, even if it means persuading EpiDoc to change again). Certainly 
I don't think "maybeInWord" would be attractive. But perhaps then, as 
Piotr points out, the ambiguity of "mayBreak" demands more values; or 
rather, I would suggests, it suggests we should use <certainty/> to 
specify how and for what reason we are uncertain about the value of 
"noBreak" (which then might as well be "inWord").

Another question: preserving the nice mirroring or "noBreak" and 
"mayBreak", what value would we give for the positive side of this coin? 
"doesBreak"? (Serious question: while this would normally be the default 
value, I can certainly imagine cases where I'd want to specify the value 
of all linebreaks in a text, for example where lineation is completely 
unrelated to tokenization--as on coins, seals, stoichedon inscriptions, 


On 16/01/2011 21:26, Lou Burnard wrote:
> Many thanks for helpful improvements.
> Now standing by for input from other council members.
> Gabby, what's your take on the proposed values for @type?
> On 16/01/11 17:37, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
>> I'm broadly in favour, but some nitpicks below
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