[tei-council] FR nuncles: new element tei:objectType

Lou Burnard lou.burnard at retired.ox.ac.uk
Fri Jan 7 07:07:37 EST 2011

The first thing we need is a <elementSpec> for the new element. Take one 
of the existing ones (Specs/material.xml in this case probably) and hack 
it, is what I usually do.

That will also involve creating some usage examples, thinking about its 
class memberships, attributes etc.

Then I would create a skeleton ODD file in which my new element spec is 
added to the existing structure and see whether the schemas generated 
make sense. In my skeleton ODD file I'd start adding some prose to 
further explain how the new element is meant to be used, and expatiating 
on the examples a bit.

The genetic.xml document is an example of this process in action, though 
on a rather broader scale than is needed here.

On 07/01/11 11:30, Gabriel Bodard wrote:
> I was going to ask, what's the process now for creating this element and
> its description? I'd be happy to help compose text for the description
> and examples, if put in touch with whoever is creating the XML.
> (Or if someone would like me to learn how to edit the relevant bits of XML?)
> G
> On 07/01/2011 10:06, Laurent Romary wrote:
>> That's for sure. Let's validate this one (the ticket provides more in-
>> depth content).
>> Laurent (no more coughing, and gently recovering).
>> Le 7 janv. 11 à 10:57, James Cummings a écrit :
>>> Results so far:
>>> Name,	tei:object, 	tei:objectType, 	neither
>>> JC, 	No, 	Yes, 	Maybe
>>> LR, 	Yes, 	No, 	No
>>> SR, 	Yes, 	No, 	No
>>> GB, 	No, 	Yes, 	No
>>> BB, 	No, 	Yes, 	No
>>> EP, 	No, 	Yes, 	No
>>> MH, 	No, 	Yes, 	No
>>> This looks to me that tei:objectType is the preferred.
>>> -James
>>> On 05/01/11 15:44, James Cummings wrote:
>>>> On 05/01/11 14:41, Laurent Romary wrote:
>>>>> tei:object: LR, SR
>>>>> tei:objectType: MH, GB
>>>> I've re-read the ticket&    comments, and all the emails about it.
>>>>     I would like to express more than the above list of
>>>> for-one-or-other gives me the ability to.  So I've put up a
>>>> little doodle.com poll that you can all fill in:
>>>> http://doodle.com/nu49sr76mg9kirdg
>>>> This allows you to say:
>>>> - In favour
>>>> - Could live with this option
>>>> - Against
>>>> for each proposed option.
>>>> In this case I've put in tei:object, tei:objectType and 'neither'
>>>> (for those who think both are wrong).
>>>> My vote is:
>>>> tei:object: Against (because I think that is a really bad name)
>>>> tei:objectType: In Favour
>>>> neither: Could live with this option.
>>>> Doodle.com also happens to use a very similar traffic-light
>>>> system of green/yellow/red as we do in classifying our tickets.
>>>> Might I propose that anytime we want to have a quick show of
>>>> hands we use some system like this rather than having to collate
>>>> various emails? (We should of course copy the final result back
>>>> to the mailing list so it is preserved in the archive.)
>>>> My vote and my two pence,
>>>> -James
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