[tei-council] draft message to TEI-L on removing elements and attribute from Tite (was Re: update from the TEI Tite task force)

Kevin Hawkins kevin.s.hawkins at ultraslavonic.info
Tue Dec 14 17:52:44 EST 2010

On 12/14/2010 10:04 AM, Laurent Romary wrote:
> @Kevin: would you want top ask the TEI-L for feedback on some of the
> tickets?

Before I sent to TEI-L, please make sure I've got the message correct.



A working group commissioned by the TEI Council is proposing revisions 
to the TEI Tite specification in order to reconcile the derived version 
used by Apex CoVantage as part of the AccessTEI program and the 
canonical version on the TEI-C website.  We are also investigating bugs 
and feature requests detected by users (so far, just me) which are being 
collected in SourceForge so that these can be considered by Council as well.

This work involves going through some notes on Tite provided to us by 
Apex as they established AccessTEI, as well as some notes on oversights 
detected by Perry Trolard and Lou Burnard since version 1.0 of Tite was 
published on the TEI-C website.

There are a number of elements and attributes not referenced in the 
prose documentation which were accidentally included in the TEI Tite 
schema.  Since we believe none of these are used by AccessTEI, we are 
considering removing them from the canonical Tite schema.  However, it 
has been pointed out that doing so risks breaking backwards 
compatibility for anyone using Tite (or a derived schema) outside of 

*If you use Tite outside of AccessTEI*, please check over the list of 
elements and attributes at:


and comment on the ticket if you use any of these.  This will help 
Council determine which elements and attributes to "save from the 
chopping block".  Context is most helpful: does a vendor uses these 
elements or attributes when encoding for you?  Do you use Tite as the 
basis for an in-house schema of some sort?  Do you have another 
situation not described by one of these two scenarios?

Thank you in advance,


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