[tei-council] update from the TEI Tite task force

Kevin Hawkins kevin.s.hawkins at ultraslavonic.info
Mon Dec 13 22:08:58 EST 2010

Colleagues, a happy holiday season to you.

A brief report on progress by the task force that Laurent charged with 
aligning the TEI Tite schema maintained by Council (and hosted on 
tei-c.org) with that in use by Apex CoVantage in the AccessTEI program. 
  Recall that the task force members are:

* Perry Trolard (author of Tite and representative of the Mellon-funded 
project that created Tite)
* Greg Spurlock (of Apex CoVantage)
* Kevin Hawkins (of the TEI Council)

I've copied Perry and Greg on this message for their information, but 
please remember that they won't receive messages sent only to 
tei-council and likewise can't post to the list themselves.

First some notes on aligning the two versions and then on additional 
changes to consider making (to both versions).

= Aligning the two versions =

Before AccessTEI was launched, Apex reviewed Tite 1.0 closely and 
provided a number of suggestions to Dan O'Donnell (perhaps also directly 
to others), which were passed along to Laurent and Lou in February 2010. 
  These changes were deemed uncontroversial, so no Council vote was held 
on them; instead, Apex was allowed to implement them.

Perry shared a summary of these with me, and I have entered them into 
SourceForge for our consideration.  If we implement them, we will bring 
the Council's Tite closer in line with Apex's derived version.

1. removing a bunch of unnecesary elements and attributes:


(includes as a comment one more change discovered by Lou, not by Apex)

2. adding <add> and <del>:


3. Adding @facs to <pb/>:


For (2) and (3), apparently Lou provided some notes in February that 
provide the basis for changes to the prose to accompany these schema 
changes.  If someone can find these, we will save ourselves time in 
redoing this work.

In addition, Dan mentioned in May that while we met in Dublin, he 
received the last set of suggestions from Apex.  Requests to Dan and 
Apex to see these have not yielded anything, but I would like to find 
these and add these items to SourceForge before the Council begins 
considering the other tickets in SourceForge that I have created dealing 
with issues I have discovered on my own that are problems with both 
versions of Tite.  If someone can provide these to me, I'll be grateful.

Once we get these documents incorporated into SourceForge tickets, we 
can have a Council vote (or call for objections) and then ask the Oxford 
editorial team to implement these changes.

= Additional changes to make =

The other bug reports and feature requests in SourceForge are about 
things that I detected in both canonical Tite on tei-c.org and in the 
Apex Tite documentation.  While a few people have commented on them, I 
think we should wrap up all of the issues already identified first in 
order to make the schema in use by Apex identical (in theory) to the 
latest version at tei-c.org.  *Then* we can discuss ways in which both 
are deficient.

Questions?  Comments?


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