[tei-council] Genetic editing thoughts (item 9 on the nuncling sheet)

Lou Burnard lou.burnard at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Wed Oct 20 09:36:18 EDT 2010

Dot, Elena, and I are agreed that the concrete proposals in the genetic 
editing document can be largely simplified to produce three specific 
feature requests which I list below and have also added to the wiki (but 
I messed up the formatting a bit, sozz)

a) New element <document> to be added to model.resourceLike ; new
element <line> to be added to model.zonePart; new element <patch>
allowed within <surface>

Together with existing <surface> and <zone> elements, these allow theory 
neutral transcription of the physicality  of  document

b) several new elements to be added to model.pPart.transcriptional
(<mod>, <modSpan>, <metaMark>, <used>, <undo>, <redo>, <rewrite>,
<transposeGrp>, <transpose>)

These allow more detailed documentation of the writing process than
previously possible.

c) New <stageNotes> within the existing <creation> element containing
new <stageNote> elements to document identified "writing stages" in
genesis of a text. New att.staged class to supply @stage attributes for
elements which can be assigned to a given writing stage

These allow marked up elements to be assigned to particular stages in
the genesis of a text, or the writing of a document, or both!

I propose to formulate these as feature requests in sourceforge as soon 
as possible. There will also be an opportunity to discuss and revise the 
proposals more generally at the workshop Elena is giving in Zadar!

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