[tei-council] Adopt a feature! Outstanding work items for Council consideration

Lou Burnard lou.burnard at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Wed Oct 6 06:25:35 EDT 2010

On 05/10/10 18:46, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> With the caveat that we should not expect to have this work completed in time for the November release, I think?
> --

That's true for some of these, but not all I think. And since some of 
these issues have been sitting around in limbo for a very long time. I 
think we should at least be able to characterise each of them (i.e. 
either implemented , to be implemented, or definitively to be kicked 
into the long grass) in time for the next release. Wouldn't it be nice 
to say at the Members Meeting "here's the list of areas we're going to 
be acting on in the near future" as well as "here's the list of bug fixes"?

I note that those of you who have volunteered so far have only 
volunteered for one item. I think the master plan was for everyone to 
volunteer for TWO nuncleships, so that everyone dealing with a given 
issue would have at least one other person to talk to.

Myself, I'm up for:

2. further features for personographies

9. Specific recommendations arising from the Genetic Editing workpaper

There's also the four or five items which we didn't agree on during the 
last voting round.

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