[tei-council] Adopt a feature! Outstanding work items for Council consideration

Laurent Romary laurent.romary at inria.fr
Tue Oct 5 09:30:48 EDT 2010

Dear all,

Here's a list of about a dozen short items which need some further  
and discussion before they can be implemented (or not) as updates to
the Guidelines.

If we were having a FTF meeting, I'd suggest breakout groups to deal
with them, but since I don't see any such meeting in the near future,
instead I propose a CALL FOR NUNCLES. A NUNCLE takes responsibility for
looking at an item, and in consultation with his or her FELLOW NUNCLE
then makes a specific recommendation for change (or not) which the rest
of the council can vote on.

There are 12 Council members, so if each volunteers to NUNCLE twice,
it should be possible easily to fill each of the nine slots below with
at least two nuncles.

1. further attributes for imprecise numerical values

3060909: add attribute for non-numeric characterisation of precision
3060919: add way of expressing confidence for att.ranging values

2. further features for personographies

3060874: @source and @code for <faith>
3060867: Grouping elements for traitlike, statelike, and eventlike  

3. proposed clarificatory text for some tecnical issues

3051750: Form of words needs to be proposed (schema langs)
2493417: Ibid (idno)

4. bibliographic issues

2976715: resp -> model.respLike in biblStruct. and other things.
2987832: date within biblStruct
Further recommendations arising from the working paper on
bibliographic description

5. ODD issues

2994685: att.global shd be explicit in ODD source
1933481: @status attribute to indicate deprecated elements

6. multimedia issues

2724992: features for alignment of audio and video
2507305: alignment and documentation of sound files

7. New "object" element

2811239: "object" element

8. Generic dating class

2925145: generic dating class

9. Specific recommendations arising from the Genetic Editing workpaper

2834511: make more spanning elements

And yes, my English has improved a lot recently ;-)

Laurent Romary
laurent.romary at inria.fr

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