[tei-council] <subst> (sf ticket 2859355)

James Cummings James.Cummings at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Wed Sep 29 08:37:26 EDT 2010

Lou wrote:
> I would *like* to be able to say that the content model should be (as 
> proposed earlier)
> (text | model.gLike | add | del)*

Playing devil's advocate, if we are allowing text inside so can do:

<seg>Je <subst><del>ne</del> suis <del>pas 

(to steal Gaby's example), then surely this small amount of text 
might be subject to most of the pPart.transcriptional or indeed 
pPart.edit elements? i.e. the original might have said 'sius' 
instead of 'suis' and I want to correct it with <sic> or <corr> 
(or indeed a <choice>), it might be that the 'ui' of 'suis' is 
partly illegible so I want <unclear> or any number of other 
things.  I would agree, however, that providing <app> is clearly 
lunacy (since the better way is to have the subst inside the 
<rdg>).   I'm, not entirely convinced by my line of argument here 
myself, but think it worth discussing.

> Another thought: should this also allow <addSpan> and <delSpan> ?

Would it be a requirement that the span be complete inside the 
<subst> or are we trying to cater for someone deleting (for 
example) from the middle of a substitution to anywhere else.  (In 
which case, shouldn't things like <anchor> should be allowed 
inside <subst> in case a different <addSpan> or <delSpan> are 
ending at some arbitrary point inside the subst?) Slippery slopes 


Dr James Cummings, Research Technologies Service
OUCS, University of Oxford

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