[tei-council] wait there's (a few) more

Matthew James Driscoll mjd at hum.ku.dk
Sat Sep 18 07:44:10 EDT 2010

Copenhagen calling. Here are the results of the Danish jury:

2994666  Change idno content model to macro.xText  DISAGREE
2859183  Make all milestoneLike elements spanning  AGREE
2834871  Close ticket: will not fix                DUNNO
2859355  Permit macro.xText within <subst>         AGREE
2984463  Add new class att.sortable                DUNNO (not persuaded that it's needed)
2994740  Add new milestoneLike element <gb>        AGREE (I love it)
2994671  Review suggested values for @calendar     AGREE
3019781  Close ticket: text clarified ok           DUNNO (probably agree)
3044329  add @licence attribute to <availability>    DUNNO (though seems not unreasonable to me)   
3046288  modify content model of <f> to permit text   AGREE  
3054295  change content models of origDate and origPlace AGREE 
3064014  add suggested values from known source for rs at type AGREE

2900430  Add new scriptNote, scriptDesc, @scriptRef @scribeRef  AGREE
2987241  Revise wording of discussion bibl/biblStruct   DISAGREE
3058674  Add model.graphicLike to content of glyph  AGREE


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