[tei-council] Vote early for ticket tidyup (part 1)

James Cummings James.Cummings at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Tue Sep 14 07:40:26 EDT 2010

Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> On 14 Sep 2010, at 11:52, James Cummings wrote:
>> Agreed.  I think the TEI has some wonderful tools, but some of 
>> them (e.g. web Roma) are static in the face of the continual 
>> development of the TEI. 
> unfair. Web Roma has had many developments, and will get
> more. It just does not develop as as fast as you might like.

Hrmm I wasn't picking on Web Roma in a negative way... I just 
don't think development of it or anything as crucial should be 
done in a piecemeal un-resourced manner.TEI-C seems to believe it 
isn't in the job of producing software but then so much of the 
infrastructure of it is built on software (mostly thanks to you) 
which I believe not supporting is detrimental to the TEI overall. 
  I'd prefer it if the TEI-C decided that X, Y, and Z were 
important enough to fund and then just did so. Or am I deluded 
here and is TEI-C already funding the development of Roma and 
Stylesheets, etc?


Dr James Cummings, Research Technologies Service
OUCS, University of Oxford

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