[tei-council] TEI for publishing: archival or interchange format? (was Re: What's next on the TEI publishing thread)

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Wed Sep 1 18:13:46 EDT 2010

On 1 Sep 2010, at 20:01, O'Donnell, Dan wrote:

> I suspect the answer is to make developing some transformation tools to 
> and from major alternative XMLs a key deliverable of the larger effort 
> (i.e. something we could participate in making?),

This is just the market the OxGarage is in (http://oxgarage.oucs.ox.ac.uk:8080/ege-webclient),
of course.  Such conversions are easy to plugin; somewhat harder
to make foolproof :-{ If you look at our Docbook to TEI, you may see that
making this cover any or all Docbook docs will take some work. As for
TEI to Docbook, thats potentially impossible.

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