[tei-council] What's next on the TEI publishing thread

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Fri Aug 27 08:15:39 EDT 2010

On 27 Aug 2010, at 12:07, Laurent Romary wrote:
> Agree. We may want to tune a clearer message. The idea is to have the  
> TEI as a more long-standing formats than proprietary or domain  
> specific solutions.

hmm. we need to be clear on this. is it the "lingua franca" rich interchange format
to make digital publishng easy, or is it the archival format from which one derives
formats which then to make new products?

> You mean, the ultimate Vesta?

hmm. maybe.

> As to NLM, Martin and I have quite a bunch of stylesheets (Martin has  
> TEI2NLM and I have NLM2TEI; plus a bunch of additional publisher  
> formats). How can we proceed with this?

if you give me the transformations, I would add them to the family under
Stylesheets on Sourceforge, and then OxGarage would find them

to explain further, Oxgarage looks for files called "plugin.xml". The one for
TEI to CSV looks like this:

 <extension plugin-id="pl.psnc.dl.ege.root" point-id="XslConverter" id="TEItoCSVconverter">
                <parameter id="class" value="pl.psnc.dl.ege.MultiXslConverter"/>
                <parameter id="name" value="TEI to CSV"/>
                <parameter id="xsluri" value="profiles/default/csv/to.xsl" />
                <parameter id="iMimeType" value="text/xml" />
                <parameter id="iFormat" value="TEI" />
                <parameter id="iDescription" value="TEI P5 XML Document" />
                <parameter id="iType" value="text" />           
                <parameter id="oMimeType" value="text/csv" />
                <parameter id="oFormat" value="csv" />
                <parameter id="oDescription" value="Comma-Separated Values (.csv)" />           
                <parameter id="oType" value="spreadsheet" />
                <parameter id="visibility" value="true" />
                <parameter id="cost" value="11" />

this explains what the input and output formats are, and what the XSLT is to do the job.

we'd bung in your file, write a plugin, and lo! it would appear

>> If I understood iptables, I'd open up our local test server now and  
>> point you at it, but I need to talk to someone clever first
> I thought you were such a person!

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