[tei-council] What's next on the TEI publishing thread

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Thu Aug 26 13:02:47 EDT 2010

looks good to me.

one sentence jarred: "The TEI Council would like to see the TEI adopted more widely as an archival format". There is a slight mixed message here - we want them to use TEI in their digital publishing workflow, but that may not be the same as their archival format.

I _think_ we are saying we will define a customization which is guarenteed to be suitable for generating general-purpose epublications, somewhat equivalent to Tite, and we wlll develop and promote exemplar tools and transformations? 

This is much on the minds at the moment of those of us in Oxford, as we are coming to the end of local development on
a document conversion web service, based on the Enrich Garage (we call it OxGarage). It accepts upload of typical
formats (word processor, TEI XML, etc), and generates output as requested (TEI, docx, epub, odt, latex, pdf, html), using as many stages 
as needed behind the scenes. It also accepts ODD input and can spit out schemas,  documentation etc; it even does Docbook to TEI
conversion, and I think adding NLM to TEI would not be hard (or any other textual transformation you have to hand)

In a separate thread  I am asking about hosting a copy of Oxgarage at Virginia to demonstrate. This would provide a convenient testbed for the SIG's outputs?

If I understood iptables, I'd open up our local test server now and point you at it, but I need to talk to someone clever first
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