[tei-council] ODD headers and licensing terms for customizations provided by TEI-C

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Tue Aug 10 15:05:09 EDT 2010

> We may agree, but previous contributors will always have the right to 
> disagree, and to block our attempts to change licensing terms on text 
> they wrote, because of the absence of a contributor agreement.

They can try. We'll fight them on the beaches.

> So the 
> next question is: is this issue worth pursuing at all? If so, then we 
> really would have to think about contacting everyone and getting them to 
> sign an agreement. If that's too complicated to contemplate, then I 
> think we're really stuck with the existing licence (not that that is 
> bad, necessarily).

but they never agreed to that licence in the first place :-}

However, I would take the line that all contributions to the Guidelines up until 
recently have been fed through the editors, who accepted them as grist to a mill
and then tuned their own prose. So I might claim that Michael, Lou and Syd
contributed all the IPR; and they were all paid by the TEIC to do so, therefore
the TEIC owns the IPR.

> The current GPL licence would (possibly) allow us to enforce those NOs 
> if we wanted to. We might still agree that we don't care to, because 
> it's not in the interest of propagating TEI.
thats a dangerous game to play. if we ever _do_ want to enforce it,
people might ask why we never pursued obvious violations in the past.
A judge would take that into account.
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