[tei-council] ODD headers and licensing terms for customizations provided by TEI-C

Gabriel Bodard gabriel.bodard at kcl.ac.uk
Tue Aug 10 14:09:52 EDT 2010

I think I'm largely in agreement with Martin in wanting the license to 
be more permissive and allowing dissemination without requiring too much 
beyond attribution. One concern below:

On 10/08/2010 18:11, Martin Holmes wrote:
> On 10-08-10 08:38 AM, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
>> but not by tweaking the actual schema, surely?
> I'm perhaps not really clear on what "the actual schema" is in this
> case. I can't honestly see why we would mind. How is tweaking the actual
> schema not just customization?

While I agree that in principle there's not much wrong with a project 
customizing a TEI schema by hand (or by some other, non-canonical 
method) and distributing that with proper attribution and license, 
wouldn't a by-product of allowing this be to undermine the "downstream" 
aspect of the GPL (equiv of CC-ShareAlike)? By which I mean, if a 
project can circulate the modified schema (the software) like this, 
without making available their ODD (the code), then any project who 
wanted to make their ODD proprietary could claim that the schema was 

(I admit this is all rather unlikely, as industrial sabotage involving 
TEI schemas and ODDs is never going to be big business, but the 
downstream part of the GPL is there for a reason, and we probably 
shouldn't water it down.)


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