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O'Donnell, Dan daniel.odonnell at uleth.ca
Mon Aug 9 19:14:05 EDT 2010

I agree that it isn't at a satisfactory final state. We've benefited a 
lot from the development as a forerunner for exploring how we might 
develop customisations like this (and our discussions about the journal 
work is a result of that to a certain extent), but in the absence of an 
established process we're of course having to feel our way forward. I'm 
not quite sure the best way of getting this into the ideal relationship 
with the council. I don't think it's been a lack of will.

I have a call with Apex later this week, I'll ask them about the schema.


On 10-08-09 05:10 PM, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> On 9 Aug 2010, at 21:29, "O'Donnell, Dan"<daniel.odonnell at uleth.ca>  wrote:
>> Good question. The Tite experience has prompted a number of very useful
>> issues and experiences including the need to have specifically referable
>> releases and the issue about positively or negatively defining the
>> inclusion and exclusion of elements.
> Indeed. And so Tite needs to be revised to use these facilities.
>> My understanding, cc'd to Perry here to check that I've got this right,
>> is that Apex are using a specific schema generated from the current odd
> I was surprised to see no mention of the schema at Accesstei. When was this schema generated?
>> and that the TEI can update and change the official ODD as we go along
>> on our regular update schedules.
> By what criteria do we change it?
>> Obviously we want to avoid breaking
>> backwards compatibility, but Perry also did some custom examples and
>> things, I think.
> Which we don't have chez the TEIC alongside the Odd? This all seems less than satisfactory.
> Sebastian

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