[tei-council] its release time

Gabriel Bodard gabriel.bodard at kcl.ac.uk
Mon Aug 9 07:02:29 EDT 2010

On 06/08/2010 15:16, Lou wrote:
> At the risk of sounding unhelpful -- if you want to specify duration on
> <date>  why not use the iso-when attribute, which allows specification of
> durations?

That's a possibility, but I was pointed to @dur when I was trying to 
figure out how to tag these durations on TEI-L a while back, and I would 
have thought that @dur is a more pure way to do this, no? (Slightly more 
semantically unambiguous, anyway. If you disagree, I suppose we could 
drop the requirement for from EpiDoc @dur altogether, but then I wonder 
why @dur exists at all?)



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