[tei-council] ODD headers and licensing terms for customizations provided by TEI-C

Laurent Romary laurent.romary at inria.fr
Mon Aug 9 04:31:28 EDT 2010

I would follow Sebastian here.
@Dan: could you check that John U would agree on having the same  
licensing scheme attached to Tite?

Le 8 août 10 à 20:05, Sebastian Rahtz a écrit :

> the hand-rolled customizations say
>      <availability status="free">
>             <p>This template file is freely available and you are
>             hereby authorised to copy, modify, and redistribute it in
>             any way without further reference or permissions.</p>
>             <p>When making such modifications, you are strongly
>             recommended to change the present text to include an
>             accurate statement of the licencing conditions applicable
>             to your modified text.</p>
>           </availability>
> ie effectively putting then in the public domain. for the trivial
> ones like tei_all, this seems right. The wording was from Syd.
> I have changed Lite to use the same statement (GPL) as the main  
> Guidelines,
> as that too seems the obvious course to take.
> Tite is less clear. It seems to be the work mainly of Perry T  
> working for John U,
> but I hope they would agree the copyright belongs to the TEI C. I  
> would
> strongly suggest it was work paid for and commissioned by TEIC  
> (using Mellon's
> money).
> Simplest thing to do would be to bang a GPL 2 on Tite too, if folks  
> agree.
> Talking of TEI Tite, what has happened to the updates that were said  
> to be
> needed to the ODD and its generated schemas? The round of changes to
> ODD which enabled ODD_by_inclusion rather than ODD_by_exclusion
> have not been used by Tite yet, for which they are the archetypal  
> example.
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