[tei-council] ODD headers and licensing terms for customizations provided by TEI-C

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Sun Aug 8 14:05:18 EDT 2010

the hand-rolled customizations say

      <availability status="free">
             <p>This template file is freely available and you are
             hereby authorised to copy, modify, and redistribute it in
             any way without further reference or permissions.</p>
             <p>When making such modifications, you are strongly
             recommended to change the present text to include an
             accurate statement of the licencing conditions applicable
             to your modified text.</p>

ie effectively putting then in the public domain. for the trivial
ones like tei_all, this seems right. The wording was from Syd.

I have changed Lite to use the same statement (GPL) as the main Guidelines,
as that too seems the obvious course to take.

Tite is less clear. It seems to be the work mainly of Perry T working for John U,
but I hope they would agree the copyright belongs to the TEI C. I would
strongly suggest it was work paid for and commissioned by TEIC (using Mellon's

Simplest thing to do would be to bang a GPL 2 on Tite too, if folks agree.

Talking of TEI Tite, what has happened to the updates that were said to be
needed to the ODD and its generated schemas? The round of changes to
ODD which enabled ODD_by_inclusion rather than ODD_by_exclusion
have not been used by Tite yet, for which they are the archetypal example.
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