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Classes (all of them) are defined by the tei module. If you include that 
in your schema as well as tei:date, then date will come along with its 
class memberships. You can of course modify the class as well, if for 
example you don't want the other attributes in att.duration

If you don't include the tei module, you will have to include all the 
TEI classes you want to use explicitly, using <classRef 
key="classname"/> for each one.

And good luck -- classes have all sorts of tricky interdependencies.

Note that including a class in your schema which you don't actually use 
is benign.

Gabriel Bodard wrote:
> I feel as though this is me being stupid, because I've never found the 
> documentation of ODD very easy to digest (not being one to rtfm from 
> start to finish...), but I'm trying to figure out how to use the new 
> feature of including an element (or in this case an attribute class) in 
> ODD, rather than including a module and excluding unwanted elements.
> (The class I want is att.durations which will give me @dur on tei:date. 
> I don't want anything else.)
> Help offlist welcome. Thanks,
> Gabby
> On 30/06/2010 17:47, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
>> which reminds me to tell you all that after a lot of revision to the ODD processing stylesheets, I think
>> I am more or less done:
>>     * the problem with @xml:id as datatype text has gone
>>     * you can use @except or @include on<moduleRef>  to list elements you want to get
>>     * you can use<elementRef>  to pick up elements as you like, regardless of module
>>     *<schemaSpec>,<moduleRef>  and<elementRef>  all have an attribute "source' which
>>       tells the processor where to find the version of P5 you want to read
>>     * the versions of P5 back to 1.0 are up on the web site and addressable
>>     * you can talk about TEI versions with a private URI of "tei:x.y.z" or even "tei:current"
>>       (which is effectively the default)
>> there is a test file in Sourceforge at P5/Test/testmeta2010.odd which illustrates usage of most of these
>> features.
>> Of course, as I have said before, all the new stuff is only implemented using the XSLT 2.0
>> family of stylesheets; this means that it is not available through Roma yet. I hope to have
>> a solution to this before the TEI MM in the autumn, ready for use in the pre-conference
>> workshops.
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