[tei-council] [Fwd: [ tei-Bugs-3026868 ] <argument> as child of <titlePage>]

Kevin Hawkins kevin.s.hawkins at ultraslavonic.info
Thu Aug 5 19:52:37 EDT 2010


On 8/3/2010 10:37 AM, Lou wrote:
> 1. The model classes titlepagePart and pLikeFront have identical
> members, except that
> * head is a member of pLikeFront but not of titlepagePart

I think we should leave this as is.  If someone ever brings us a title 
page containing headings on it that aren't titles, subtitles, or 
arguments (as discussed at the end of this message), we can consider 

> * graphic and binaryObject are members of titlepagePart but not of
> pLikeFront

I think it makes sense to include these in pLikeFront in order to allow 
for the encoding of a frontispiece without a caption.

> 2. graphic and binaryObject are explicitly members of titlepagePart,
> whereas it might be more consistent to include them via model.graphicLike

But wouldn't model.graphicLike then need to be included as allowed 
content of titlePage?  It appears that this isn't currently the case.

> 3. imprimatur is a member of titlepagePart but nothing else, which seems
> odd -- it might appear in front matter outside the titlepage, surely?

I say let's wait till someone brings us a document in which the 
imprimatur occurs somewhere besides the title page.

> 4. argument, docAuthor, byline, and epigraph are members of divWrapper
> (as well as titlepagePart) thus allowing them to appear div-liminally. I
> suppose this sort of makes sense (you're unlikely to find an imprimatur
> or any of the doc* things attached to a particular div) but why is
> docAuthor in the list?

I think docAuthor is here to handle the case of encoding an anthology or 
journal issue, in which each div has its own author.

(While you could wrap an author in byline, this isn't required for 
titlePage, so I don't think we should require it here.  Just like how 
you don't need a resp wrapped around author.)

> 5. argument, byline and epigraph (but not docAuthor) can appear
> div-liminally within an opener (but not a closer)

These things do appear at the beginning, so that explains why they're in 
opener and not closer.

Seems like we should include docAuthor here as long as we allow it 
without a wrapping byline elsewhere.

> Comments welcome, here or on the ticket. I'm not proposing any course of
> action as yet (and I've fixed the bug reported on the ticket) but you
> may wish to ponder the matter during those long summery evenings hem hem

As for the original bug on the ticket, I have a few comments ...

As the ticket creator pointed out, section 4.6 mentions use of argument 
on title pages; however, this section never again discusses its use, so 
if we're going to allow it here, we should say something else about how 
to use it.  Since old-fashioned titles were often, in fact, a list of 
topics addressed, we should give some guidance on choosing among 
docTitle, titlePart, and argument.  I wonder, for example, whether the 
Pilgrim's Progress example in section 4.6 should be changed so that 
<titlePart type="desc"> becomes <argument>.

Furthermore, argument is defined as "A formal list or prose description 
of the topics addressed by a subdivision of a text", so if we're going 
to allow it on title pages, that definition might need to be revised to 
say something like "A formal list or prose description of topics 
addressed in the following section or entirety of a text".


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