[tei-council] soft hyphens (again)

Gabriel Bodard gabriel.bodard at kcl.ac.uk
Mon Jun 21 11:45:38 EDT 2010

On 21/06/2010 16:02, Kevin Hawkins wrote:
> I'm afraid I still don't understand.  Are these elements no longer empty
> elements?  They still appear that way even in Sebastian's test release.
>    When did this change happen?

Which elements? <gap/> (always an "empty"--i.e. permitting no 
text-content--element), has taken a child <desc> ever since P5 first 
release; <space/> for some reason did not, although it does now. Both 
also take <certainty/>, <precision/> etc. It makes sense to me that a 
so-called empty element could contain another non-text-bearing element 
such as <certainty/>, which in this case serves as a much richer 
analogue to a cert attribute.

At the moment, of course, <lb/> and the other milestoneLike elements are 
still literally empty, but I am arguing (lightly, as I don't have a 
specific use-case for them) that they could just as rationally be 
allowed to take a child from the certainty class, although still no text 
content, of course.

Sorry if this was confusing.


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