[tei-council] @source urns and @version datatype bug

O'Donnell, Dan daniel.odonnell at uleth.ca
Tue May 18 12:21:39 EDT 2010

James, I think that should be David.S (i.e. with a separator).


On 10-05-18 05:32 AM, James Cummings wrote:
> Lou Burnard wrote:
>> 3. We could make a distinction between "version" and "release" and have
>> two attributes -- so release 1.2.0 of P5 would be @version="5" and
>> @release=1.2.0. Or we could use a different four number pattern for
>> @version and allow
> For the record, I don't really have a problem with as a TEI
> version number. i.e. I don't mind there being 4 parts.  Also long as wel
> announce this change, make sure the version number is displayed on the
> webpages and sourceforge like this, etc.  I just want us be consistent
> over all places the TEI version is displayed and also not do special
> eliding of the last two digits.
> I have to say my preferences align with Dan's in this case, 4 digit
> number or if lots of argument against that, two attributes.  I'm not
> really bothered about which solution is chosen as long as we are
> consistent and remember to implement it this time. ;-)
>> 4. This matters because we need to decide on a single way of refering to
>> specific releases/versions which is now possible using the @source
>> attribute on ODD *Ref elements
> Yes. DavidS and I proposed a method for canonical URLs for release
> packages on the website.  I've got a copy of this with me and will
> re-read it and after discussion with DavidS might re-propose something
> specifically in this area.
> -James
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