[tei-council] @source urns and @version datatype bug

James Cummings James.Cummings at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Tue May 18 07:32:40 EDT 2010

Lou Burnard wrote:
> 3. We could make a distinction between "version" and "release" and have 
> two attributes -- so release 1.2.0 of P5 would be @version="5" and 
> @release=1.2.0. Or we could use a different four number pattern for 
> @version and allow

For the record, I don't really have a problem with as a TEI 
version number. i.e. I don't mind there being 4 parts.  Also long as wel 
announce this change, make sure the version number is displayed on the 
webpages and sourceforge like this, etc.  I just want us be consistent 
over all places the TEI version is displayed and also not do special 
eliding of the last two digits.

I have to say my preferences align with Dan's in this case, 4 digit 
number or if lots of argument against that, two attributes.  I'm not 
really bothered about which solution is chosen as long as we are 
consistent and remember to implement it this time. ;-)

> 4. This matters because we need to decide on a single way of refering to 
> specific releases/versions which is now possible using the @source 
> attribute on ODD *Ref elements

Yes. DavidS and I proposed a method for canonical URLs for release 
packages on the website.  I've got a copy of this with me and will 
re-read it and after discussion with DavidS might re-propose something 
specifically in this area.


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