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Laurent Romary laurent.romary at inria.fr
Fri May 14 02:40:41 EDT 2010

As a matter of fact, this issue was not consensual within the group  
and we identified user scenarios where one or the other formats would  
be best useful.
I am not sure there is any further action to be taken on this.

Le 14 mai 10 à 00:30, Martin Holmes a écrit :

> Hi Lou,
> In this bit:
> On 10-05-13 02:03 PM, Lou Burnard wrote:
>> <!--While<gi>biblStruct</gi>  offers enough
>> flexibility for encoding bibliographic references to simple print
>> works, for many documents, especially electronic ones, it proves
>> problematic.-->  <!-- no problems presented -->
> I presume you mean that you're excising that part of our text  
> because no
> problems have been presented to the council. We had a long discussion
> about this in our little committee, and talked about a number of
> problems, but there wasn't time to raise them at the Council  
> meeting. I
> have lots of examples of situations in which it's virtually impossible
> to write an XSLT routine to format a <biblStruct> according to a style
> guide, without absolutely special-casing it. Here's one:
> Brief Discours pour la reformation des mariages. Paris, de  
> l’imprimerie
> d’Anthoine du Brueil, rue Saint-Jacques, au dessus de Saint-Benoist, à
> la Couronne, 1614, dans Variétés Historiques et Littéraires. Recueil  
> de
> pièces volantes rares et curieuses en prose et en vers, éd. É.  
> Fournier,
> Paris, P. Jannet, 1856, t. IV.
> [Book (monograph) with no author, originally printed in 1614,  
> collected
> as part of volume 4 of a series published in 1856.]
> Here's the <bibl>:
> <bibl type="book" subtype="monograph" xml:id="brief_discours_1614">
> <title level="m">Brief Discours pour la reformation des
> mariages</title>. <pubPlace>Paris</pubPlace>, de l’imprimerie
> d’<publisher>Anthoine du Brueil</publisher>, rue Saint-Jacques, au
> dessus de Saint-Benoist, à la Couronne, <date when="1614">1614</date>,
> dans <title level="m">Variétés Historiques et Littéraires. Recueil de
> pièces volantes rares et curieuses en prose et en vers</title>, éd.
> <editor><name><forename>É</forename>.
> <surname>Fournier</surname></name></editor>, <pubPlace>Paris</ 
> pubPlace>,
> <publisher>P. Jannet</publisher>, <date when="1856">1856</date>,
> <biblScope type="vol">t. IV</biblScope>.
> </bibl>
> It's easy enough to create a <biblStruct> for this, but it's extremely
> hard for generic XSLT to detect what kind of item it is, determine  
> what
> kind of formatting it should be given based on that, and then  
> compensate
> for the missing author in the rendering. With <bibl>, it's easy --
> encode all the elements in the order they need to come out, and  
> you're done.
> Cheers,
> Martin
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