[tei-council] post Dublin ticket update 1

Lou lou.burnard at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Thu May 6 12:49:27 EDT 2010

I'm working through all the SF tickets again, applying changes agreed in 
Dublin as far as I remember them being agreed to. A small number remain 
outstanding for reasons indicated below, and there may well be other 
changes which I've forgotten documented in the minutes when they appear. 
The list below covers the Feature Requests; bugs are next, and then I 
plan to move on to the other major sets of action (the 
Kevin-Martin-Laurent bibliog paper; the ODDplus proposals; the genetic 

Comments on the following topics welcomed!

2925145 (Generic dating class) -- I think we felt this proposal needed 
more work still, but I don't know who if anyone was actioned to take it 
forward. There is now an additional though mysterious comment on the ticket.

2859355  (<subst> should permit textual data) -- we spent quite a lot of 
time discussing this without I think addressing the real problem with 
this proposal. I've now added a comment to the ticket saying why I think 
it's a bad idea and would welcome further discussion.

  2811239 (new element 'object') -- I may be thick but I am still having 
problems understanding what exactly is being proposed here and why it's 
necessary. I think we agreed to ask Gabby to give us more examples, as 
the ones on the ticket at present are unpersuasive.

2859183  (Make all milestoneLike elements spanning) and the more generic 
but less specific  2834511  (Add more elements to att.spanning) -- we 
didn't discuss these on the grounds that they were a part of the genetic 
proposal, but looking at them again, I don't think that's quite true. 
Certainly 2859183 is quite independent of it.

  2909766  (make <del> and <add> (etc) dateable) -- I've added a comment 
asking whether the genetic @stage proposal is going to be sufficient for 
this use case, or whether we want to support that in parallel with the 
use of att.datable attributes (actually @stage looks remarkably similar 
to @period, so maybe the two should be considered together.)

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