[tei-council] TEI Guidelines virtual language hosts + some concerns

O'Donnell, Dan daniel.odonnell at uleth.ca
Tue Apr 20 18:19:19 EDT 2010

Thanks David! Both for the work and for the ideas for further 

David Sewell wrote:
> All,
> The Guidelines virtual language hosts are now working. See linked pages at
> http://lister.ei.virginia.edu/~drs2n/test-links.html
> At the moment links from Spanish pages to other languages are broken but
> I've asked Shayne to correct the rewrite rule.
> HOWEVER... after all that work, I'm wondering if it is really worth
> advertising the results to the TEI community. There are a couple of issues.
> 1. If we claim to have language-specific P5 Guidelines hosts, it will seem
> all the more strange that we do not offer genuine complete translations of
> the Guidelines into any language besides English, and that most links will
> lead to macaronic pages that mingle English text with definitions and
> sometimes examples in another language.
> 2. I wish I had realized this sooner, but we did *not* need virtual
> hosts to enable searching on only French, German, etc., Guidelines
> localization. This can be done very easily using the appropriate Google
> search parameters. See the proof of concept in the bottom half of my
> test-links.html page (and look at the HTML source to see how it is
> done).
> Try searching for "application" using each of the 3 search options. When you
> do this in French, sure enough the French examples page for <appInfo> is
> the top hit. Even though most of the text there is in English...! And the
> French version of the <application> ref page is near the top as well.
> The existing search box on most TEI-C pages could be extended this way. In
> addition, do we want to automatically generate a search box at the top of
> the HTML pages for the P5 Guidelines? It is inconsistent not to have one.
> I would suggest that if there is space on the April Council meeting agenda,
> perhaps you can discuss some of these things and come to decisions about
> exactly how you would like to present the Guidelines localizations and the
> search interface.
> David

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