[tei-council] Ticket status

Lou lou.burnard at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Wed Apr 7 13:05:00 EDT 2010

As old hands will know, a major part of our ftf council meeting will be 
a review of the outstanding support tickets on the SF repository, with a 
view to disposing of as many of them as possible. In preparation for 
that, I've just been trawling through the current state of affairs, 
dealing with any easy ones, and categorising the rest as RED (too hard) 
  or  AMBER (not entirely clear what we should do) or GREEN (clear what 
needs doing)

As of this evening, the numbers of tickets in each category stand as 

RED: 0

Feature Requests
RED: 6

This all looks quite do-able, especially because several of the older 
RED and AMBER items are likely to be disposed of as a by product of the 
other work planned for Dublin (specifically, consideration of the "new 
ODD", "genetic editing", and "biblStruct" draft proposals)

In the meantime though, could I urge council members to take a look at 
some of these tickets, particularly the older ones (tickets, not 
members), and express an opinion, or prepare themselves to do so in debate?

If you need help on accessing the tickets, let me know off list and I'll 
gladly step you through the process.

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