[tei-council] Virtual language-based TEI Guidelines hosts are live but incomplete

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Mon Apr 5 11:01:52 EDT 2010

On 5 Apr 2010, at 15:41, David Sewell wrote:

> Well, yes and no. It's straightforward, but it means having to maintain
> N * (N - 1) rewrite rules in the apache config file, where N = number of
> language versions (currently 8), and remembering to update them whenever
> a language is added.

one could imagine a little script which generated the Apache config

> I can ask Shayne to do that if everyone agrees it is the way to go. But
> can you think of any other relative links that might be broken under the
> language-specific virtual servers? I haven't found any but I have not
> done extensive testing of the links.

the good thing about my suggestion is that it would deal with
any of the pre-existing links....
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