[tei-council] Adding virtual hosts for www.tei-c.org (fwd)

David Sewell dsewell at virginia.edu
Tue Mar 9 12:11:31 EST 2010


We have requested the language-specific host aliases
(en.guidelines.tei-c.org, etc.), and they should be accessible by
tomorrow. However, Shayne points out that unless the hierarchy of the
releases is changed, it won't work to make "en.guidelines.tei-c.org"
resolve to the directory root of


because the PDF Guidelines stored at ../Guidelines.pdf are then inaccessible.
(See Shayne's note below.) Shayne proposes as an alternative that
"en.guidelines.tei-c.org" point to the document root


which means that the "home page" of the English guidelines as browsable
HTML would be addressed as


and we could optionally have a redirect rule so that


would go to that page.

I would suggest this: that we accept Shayne's suggestion, and experiment
with the result starting tomorrow (assuming that the DNS aliases are
active by then). Then we could tweak as needed before publicly
announcing the existence of the new hosts.


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Date: Tue, 09 Mar 2010 11:10:25 -0500
From: Shayne Brandon <wsb4q at virginia.edu>
To: David Sewell <dsewell at virginia.edu>
Subject: Re: Adding virtual hosts for www.tei-c.org

Hi David

I see problems with the proposal already.

The relase files aren't structured in a way that makes them work as a document

For example, if I make the releasee/xxx/en/html/ a document root, the
Guidlines.pdf file will be inaccessible because it is a relative link to
"../../en/Fuidelines.pdf" Nothing outside the html directory will be accessible
if html is the root.

To fix, all the Guideline pdf files would need to be moved into the html
directories in the master version of these files. I think Sebastian is the
source of these files and they get updated every so often by downloading the
revised version from his web server. That's where this change would have to take

Then all the links to the Guidelines.pdf files would need to change from
"../../xx/Guidlines.pdf" to "Guidlines.pdf"

I advise against handling these problems with the apache configuration.

I made the request before I noticed the problems.

If the hostname was guidelines.tei-c.org and you used /en, /de, etc as the first
part of the url that would eliminate this problem.

A url like guidelines.tei-c.org/en could be redirected to
guidelines.tei-c.org/en/html/index.html and the links to Guidelines.pdf would
still work.


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