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My recollection in the runup to P5 was that we researched this to make 
sure we didn't just thank the members who happened to be on at any one 
time. I agree that it is a good idea. Presumably it wouldn't be too hard 
to maintain.

Kevin Hawkins wrote:
> Discussion of this died out, but I agree with James that this is an 
> important issue that we should deal with.
> I support keeping a record of people who have made past contributions to 
> the TEI and TEI-C (editors, Board members, Council members, and 
> officers).  I don't have a preference on whether this is included in an 
> appendix to the Guidelines or on pages on the website.  What I do not 
> support is simply having the current Council (and Board?) members in the 
> Guidelines during any release.  Digging up old interim releases for 
> proof of this is difficult, and our work, after all, contributes not 
> only to the current release but to future ones as well.
> On 02/03/2010 17:15, James Cummings wrote:
>> The other day while examining Sebastian's PDF of the Guidelines for
>> flaws I noticed the acknowledgement section. In it there is a list of
>> council members who elected and active during the years that TEI P5
>> version 1.0 was created. See:
>> http://www.tei-c.org/release/doc/tei-p5-doc/en/html/FM1.html
>> This got me thinking about all those Council members who have
>> contributed sometimes significantly to the Guidelines since their
>> initial P5 publication, and that the donation of their time to the TEI
>> isn't recorded in the Guidelines per se.  There is a list of currently
>> serving members at http://www.tei-c.org/Activities/Council/ but that as
>> well only lists currently elected members.
>> What I was going to suggest is that:
>> a) there should be a publicly accessible, simple alphabetic list of who
>> has been on Council (optionally board as well), and their associated
>> dates, which is updated each year.
>> b) that the Guidelines (at the bottom of the list of Council members)
>> give a link to this with a note to the effect that ongoing maintenance
>> has been undertaken by the TEI Council.
>> And no, in case you're interested, I'm already in the list in the
>> Guidelines so this isn't some way to try and shoehorn my name in, just a
>> recognition that there are some who I know have worked hard on the
>> Guidelines since then who aren't in that list.
>> Food for thought,
>> -James
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