[tei-council] virtual hosts for HTML versions of Guidelines

Kevin Hawkins kevin.s.hawkins at ultraslavonic.info
Mon Mar 8 13:01:31 EST 2010

I'm not aware of any work that David and James are doing regarding 
stable URLs, but in any case David says this is different.

I neglected to mention that I meant for these virtual hosts to always 
point at the latest version of the Guidelines.  As David said, this 
would be easy enough to change once new versions are made (or in case 
/release/doc/tei-p5-doc/en/html/ etc. is no longer the place to find P5).

My suggestion was driven not by having trouble searching the non-English 
version but in having trouble searching the English version and 
excluding the rest of TEI website: customizations, files in the Vault, 
working group reports, etc.  While it's obviously not necessary (we've 
all lived without it this long), it would make the Guidelines easier to 
use.  For example, try using Google to search for the following:

xml:id site:www.tei-c.org
"mandatory when applicable" site:www.tei-c.org

On 08/03/2010 17:40, David Sewell wrote:
> This is not a proposal that has been floated before. It would be
> analogous to Wikipedia's use of domains, I guess (en.wikipedia.org,
> de.wikipedia.org, etc.).
> Should I inquire of the UVA IT people whether they impose a limit on the
> number of host aliases they are willing to register in the DNS? Beyond
> that it would just be a question of writing virtual host entries in the
> Apache configuration. It would be trivially easy to change the
> directories to which those entries point later, if we implement a
> different naming structure.
> A counterargument might be that it's not really necessary. I just tried
> a Google search for "référence bibliographique" with site:www-tei-c.org
> and not surprisingly the French reference for<bibl>  was the top hit.
> David
> On Mon, 8 Mar 2010, O'Donnell, Dan wrote:
>> Is that not part of the work that David and James have been doing
>> regarding stable URLs?
>> -dan
>> Kevin Hawkins wrote:
>>> Would anyone oppose me asking the folks at Virginia to investigate
>>> setting up the following virtual hosts:
>>> en.guidelines.tei-c.org
>>> de.guidelines.tei-c.org
>>> es.guidelines.tei-c.org
>>> it.guidelines.tei-c.org
>>> fr.guidelines.tei-c.org
>>> ja.guidelines.tei-c.org
>>> kr.guidelines.tei-c.org
>>> zh-tw.guidelines.tei-c.org
>>> which would serve the content currently at:
>>> http://www.tei-c.org/release/doc/tei-p5-doc/en/html/
>>> http://www.tei-c.org/release/doc/tei-p5-doc/de/html/
>>> etc.
>>> I suggest this because right now the only way to search the full text of
>>> the Guidelines -- and only the full text of the Guidelines -- is to
>>> search within the PDF version.  If we had a virtual host for each
>>> languages's HTML version, we could all use our favorite search engines
>>> to search the full text in our language of choice.
>>> Kevin
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