[tei-council] Discussion about TEI ODD

Lou lou.burnard at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Fri Mar 5 12:31:00 EST 2010

Further to Sebastian's request earlier today, there are now several
Sourceforge tickets which, if addressed together, should enable us to
extend considerably the capabilities of the current ODD system. We'd
like to move forward as rapidly as possible, and benefit as much as
possible from community wisdom on this rather technical topic.

To that end, we're proposing to form an ad hoc mailing list, which we
hope will be able to discuss briefly and intensively the various ideas
kicked around so far, with a view to having a reasonably complete
proposal on the table for the next TEI Council face to face meeting, to
be held in Dublin at the end of April.

We need technical experts, people who design schemas, people who think
about what kinds of subsetting of the TEI make sense in their
environment, and people who can express rather complex ideas clearly.
And who have time to focus on the issue in the next few weeks: ideally
this should be sewn up by the start of April.

To get an idea of the topics under debate, check out existing SF tickets
2962880, 2890254 and 2834871 (at least). To visit a SF ticket, point
your browser at
replacing ZZZZZZ with the number of the ticket, as above.

An initial discussion paper, summarising our current understanding of
the issues, should appear on the list early next week.

If you grock ODD, then we want and need you in that discussion, To  sign
up to the mailing list just send an (empty) email to
tei-meta-subscribe at maillist.ox.ac.uk ... do it now!

If you're just curious about it, probably best wait till the gabbling
calms down again. We'll be back...

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