[tei-council] Criteria for TEI Repository Inclusion

Lou lou.burnard at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Wed Mar 3 06:17:14 EST 2010

I agree with Laurent : the Council should concern itself with 
developments which are strategic for the TEI as a whole -- things which 
enable the TEI to do its business properly. ODD itself is in that 
category, clearly. Light, and Tite (because of the tie-in with the 
membership deal which the Board has confected) are strategic because 
they are regarded as typical generic TEI applications  by the community. 
By contrast there are huge numbers of TEI users (and I say it with 
sorrow) who are and can remain blissfully ignorant of the delights of 
Epidoc or Enrich.

A TEI solution for digital publishing is a different matter -- possibly 
intermediate between the two. Most existing use cases (and there are 
some) seem to start from TEI Lite and tweak it a bit (or a lot) so there 
may well be a case for this coming into the Council's remit.  I assume 
that it's on the brief of the Publishing SIG to work towards a proposal 
for a common TEI profile, which could form the basis of such a thing.

   Laurent Romary wrote:
> I don't think this would necessarily move right away any  
> responsibility to the TEI-C. But for such a strategic project as a TEI  
> Journal customization, we may want to clearly indicate that the TEI-C  
> endorses this activity and possibly that the council expressed a view  
> on this customization. As opposed to ENRICH or EPidoc, it's more a TEI  
> internal initiative than a community activity.
> We may want to put this on the agenda for Dublin.
> Laurent
> Le 3 mars 10 à 11:36, Julianne Nyhan a écrit :
>> Hello,
>>> However, producing a list of them wasn't really my point, more when  
>>> should
>> TEI-C
>>> conclude that something is central enough to the TEI to
>>> store/develop/etc. as an exemplar or not.  For example, the TEI  
>>> Journal
>>> will I assume have a slimed down TEI ODD for its schema... is this
>>> something that the TEI-C SVN repository should contain? Or should  
>>> it be
>>> hosted separately?
>> Right now I can see both for and against.
>> I can see certain benefits in terms of
>> having e.g. the TEI Journal ODD on the TEI-C SN repository (i.e.
>> 'store/develop/etc. as an exemplar or not' ). But what extra  
>> responsibilites
>> would such a move bring for TEI-C?
>> Is there a possibility that the responsibilities could outweigh the
>> benefits?
>> Best,
>> Julianne
>> On Wed, Mar 3, 2010 at 9:54 AM, Sebastian Rahtz <
>> sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk> wrote:
>>> On 3 Mar 2010, at 08:54, Lou Burnard wrote:
>>>> So I suppose what James meant to say was that the TEI wiki has a  
>>>> place
>>>> for putting *information about* customisations (and links to their
>>>> canonical homes if any)?
>>> yes, which is orthogonal to the question he asked about where the  
>>> canonical
>>> homes should be
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