[tei-council] bug 2812295: add graphic to model.glossLike (was Re: FR 2862151: allow certainty in gap and space)

Kevin Hawkins kevin.s.hawkins at ultraslavonic.info
Wed Feb 17 08:42:31 EST 2010

This discussion is now about something quite unrelated to the original 
subject line, so I'm changing it for the benefit of those who may not be 
following the discussion very closely.  We're now discussing this bug:


James recently wrote:


My basic
argument would be: There are plenty of places where one only has
graphic (or graphic is semantically the right choice over figure)
where one also has a need to create a description of the graphic
element.  For example, when wanting to output either HTML (I
guess or METS) you may wish to provide some text for the
@html:alt attribute on html:img. Currently the TEI gives no easy
way to do this (without abusing the semantics of figure, even if
it were available everywhere graphic is, which it isn't).  Given
that some countries have disability legislation that means
websites of publicly-funded institutions (such as universities)
must provide alt text for images and other accessibility rules
(SENDA in the UK), it seems reasonable that the TEI should have a
straightforward way of providing descriptions of graphics.  This
might also prove useful in locations where figure is not allowed
but graphic is (e.g. facsimile).


So we're talking about changing <graphic> from being an empty element to 
one that may contain any of the following:

altIdent certainty desc equiv gloss precision respons

in order to provide some metadata.

I support it, but it does make me wonder whether <figure> should also be 
added to this class even though it (<figure>) already has some ability 
to "attach" metadata.


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