[tei-council] certainty revised

James Cummings James.Cummings at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Sun Feb 7 15:07:51 EST 2010

Martin Holmes wrote:
> I think if you find it OK, then we're simply differing with regard to 
> the way I prefer to use these attributes versus the way other people 
> might prefer to use them. I'm a bit literal-minded, so to me notAfter 
> means "not after"; if it's perfectly OK for it to mean "probably not 
> after", then I have no quibble.

Isn't this true of any markup though?  If I say <date 
when="1999-03-17"/> I can elsewhere express doubts about that @when. 
Just because it is precise doesn't mean it is certain. So just because 
I'm precise in my @notAfter (because I have evidence that provides me 
that date) doesn't mean that I'm 100% confidence in the nature of that 
evidence. In my mind @notAfter means the latest possible date for which 
we have some evidence...the quality of that evidence may be disputable.


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