[tei-council] [Fwd: [ tei-Feature Requests-2909766 ] make <del> and <add> (etc) dateable]

Elena Pierazzo elena.pierazzo at kcl.ac.uk
Mon Jan 18 11:08:13 EST 2010

Genetic stuff is not contradicting a @date on add and dell, but it will 
offer yet another way to deal with dating or grouping 
documentary/revisional phenomena, with the results of offering too many 
options (therefore confusing) to the users. Mind you that the genetic 
offers also a (revised) @seq attribute, and a pseudo-timeline mechanism 
as well.

It is not sure that the genetic proposal is the best option, but I would 
not implement something we might regret in the moment we look into it, 
unless the council, as I said in my previous email, thinks we should act 
as we did not know that the genetic module is in preparations.


Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> I don't see the genetic stuff contradicting the request to make <add> and <del> dateable, unless I misread?
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