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Martin Holmes mholmes at uvic.ca
Fri Jan 15 11:25:28 EST 2010

HI Lou,

It's directly analogous to application/@version, which has a nice regexp 
that Syd and I put together:


<rng:data type="token">

token { pattern = "[\d]+[a-z]*[\d]*(\.[\d]+[a-z]*[\d]*){0,3}" }

I'd suggest merging these two attributes, which already have the same name.


Lou wrote:
> Any thoughts on this one? I am minded to change the datatype to 
> data.enumerated (though that leaves open the question of how to specify 
> a closed set of numeric values)
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> Summary: TEI/@version
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> TEI/@version is an xsd:decimal, but TEI version numbers aren't decimals, e.g. "1.5.0".  Can I suggest changing this to something more applicable, perhaps data.enumerated.  This would allow a limited range of values, and could even be reduced to one (the current value), thus causing a validation error if one attempts to validate against the wrong TEI schema version.
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>> Comment By: Lou Burnard (louburnard)
> Date: 2010-01-15 14:02
> Message:
> When defined, this attribute was for the base version of the Guidelines as
> a whole (e.g. P5 as opposed to P4), and we had not yet set in place the
> programme of regular version releases.  It would certainly make sense for
> this now to be used for point release numbers e.g.  5.1.2 
> Your suggestion of making it data.enumerated is a good one, since it would
> permit projects to define explicitly the versions for which a given
> document is valid in their project ODD. Let's see what the Council
> thinks...
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