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Dot Porter dporter at uky.edu
Fri Mar 23 05:51:37 EST 2007

> And while this will be useful, and just plain good for Dot (like any medicine),

Okay, I admit, this is just an excuse for me to try something new!

On 3/23/07, James Cummings
<James.Cummings at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk> wrote:
> Dot Porter wrote:
> > Everyone, after the call earlier this week I volunteered privately to
> > James to take an existing customization that I've been working on and
> > have it "namespaced" by the council meeting, just to see how much of a
> > barrier this actually is to people (like me) with middle-of-the-road
> > tech skills. This particular customization is designed to be plugged
> > into a METS file, so there is another layer to contend with there as
> > well.

> we should remember that what we hopefully will add is interfaces in Roma, lots
> of examples, documentation, and training.  So that while Dot has little support
> in this now, those who come after her will not be so bad off in comparison.
> -James
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