[tei-council] Digital Diplomatics conference

Dan O'Donnell daniel.odonnell at uleth.ca
Mon Mar 5 13:03:58 EST 2007

Thank you very much for this, Arianna. These kind of reports are always
very interesting.


On Mon, 2007-05-03 at 12:51 +0000, Arianna Ciula wrote:
> Dear council,
> For whom is interested, I just wanted to report briefly on the 
> conference I came back from on Saturday: Digital Diplomatics 
> http://www.cei.uni-muenchen.de/DigDipl07/index_en.html
> The international attendance was quite good with a majority of Germans 
> of course.
> The majority of presented projects deal with a combination of relational 
> database and use of XML (lots of TEI!).
> Few things to mention as far as TEI regards:
> Interesting presentations
> - good work done by two Italian students using TEI P5 (poster: Viviana 
> Salardi, Luigi Siciliano: L`edizione digitale dello Statuto di Vicenza 
> del 1264)
> - presentation of ODD by Gautier Poupeau
> - integration TEI-CIDOC presented by Christian-Emil Ore
> As you may know already, the objective of the conference was to give a 
> glimpse on digital projects related to medieval documents (it succeeded 
> on this) and to work on the improvements of the CEI (Charter Encoding 
> Initiative: funded three years ago - http://www.cei.lmu.de/index.htm) 
> standard to encode these documents in XML. Unfortunately, despite the 
> good work of synthesis and conceptual modelling done by Patrick Sahle 
> and Gautier Poupeau, we didn't go very far on the latter, but it seems 
> to me that
> - despite some more or less funded complains on the inability of TEI to 
> represented the archival community and its objectives, all the CEI 
> recommendations as they stand could easily been translated and/or 
> represented in TEI P5
> - I will keep an eye on how the community is going to develop the 
> standard and see what comes up
> Happy to give more details to whom is interested.
> All the best,
> Arianna
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