schema association (was Re: [tei-council] date attributes: summary, problems, and some suggestions)

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at
Fri Feb 16 07:45:06 EST 2007

Christian Wittern wrote:
>>  b) I am moving hundreds of documents into eXist, and I pull out 
>> small fragments all
>>      the time. for each one, I laboriously find the header, find the 
>> way to referring to the
>>      schema, locate the schema, and look! I have 4 different schemas, 
>> so how now
>>      do I evaluate @value?
> This is a usecase where most of our assumptions about files and 
> headers fall on their face, which is reaonable IMHO, since we define a 
> format for *interchange*.  In your document repository, you are bound 
> to want to normalize these kinds of things into one standard form, so 
> the processing required here is done on the import and then your done 
> with it.
hmm. that looks like a barrier to me.

>> how? I'm an experienced XML processing person, and I just dread the
>> thought of considering it. Plus, I want my validation!
> looking at the value of substring-before(., '-') should give you what 
> you need to decide.  And I am sure Syd will come up with a regex that 
> gives you a reasonable validation on the @value
but I want my editor to validate my dates...


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