[tei-council] open issues and planning

Syd Bauman Syd_Bauman at Brown.edu
Fri Jan 19 14:20:54 EST 2007

> Well, if you (all) don't think we have a *commitment* to deliver
> TEI 5.0 completely ready for use by the TEI MM 2007, then we ain't
> singing off the same song sheet.

Yes, we are singing off different sheets. Some may wonder, but I
think we are singing the same piece of music, at least, just
different arrangements, to carry the analogy too far.

>  1st February: accept no more feature requests for 5.0

This has already happened twice, and need not be repeated. Feature
requests submitted now would almost assuredly *not* be considered for
the 1.0 releaes of P5. (Sorry, Daniel.)

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