[tei-council] Datatypes and attribute classes

Laurent Romary Laurent.Romary at loria.fr
Fri Dec 1 04:27:41 EST 2006

I am currently making some experiments with ODD and Roma and would  
like to know where exactly are Datatypes and attribute classes  
defined so that I can just import them in my schema without having to  
include any specific TEI elements.
So far I am more or less obliged to include everything, i.e.:

                 <schemaSpec ident="eSciDoc" start="eSciDocHeader">
                     <moduleRef key="core"/>
                     <moduleRef key="tei"/>
                     <moduleRef key="header"/>
                     <moduleRef key="textstructure"/>
		  <elementSpec.... my declarations there

In theory, everything I need should just be in the 'tei' module, but  
the macros that are defined there force me to include the 3 other  
modules (macros: Grrrrr....). Any simpler way?


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